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Saturday, 19 June 2010

UP Jambangan Reminders

Hi guys. We're almost done with the needed stuff for the recognition of UP Jambangan. Here are some reminders and concerns:

1. I have already inputted your UP webmail accounts and e-mail addresses in the officers and members' roster section of the UP Jambangan page. So far, there are only 7 people who confirmed their memberships (Me, Sigrid, Ershad, Marlon, Ishmael, Ivy and Ace Ligsay). Please do confirm your memberships soon so that we will not encounter any problem in the near future.

2. A photo of the front of your UP Id is also needed. Please send me a copy of your UP id via this email address or you can upload it yourself once you confirm your membership. Thanks to Christa, Ace Cardenas, Ivy, Marlon, Mara, Bess, Al and Martin for having sent their ids to me. To the others, please do send it very soon.

3. The Form 5 which I asked you to submit is for our org records' purposes. Please give me a copy of your CTC Form 5. You may leave it at IC reception area or you can text me so that I may pick it up wherever it is convenient for you.

4. We sent 4 officers and a member to the Leadership Training Seminar yesterday. We still need 4-5 officers for the personal meeting and interview with OSA on Monday, 4:30pm. Please contact me if you are free on that hour. We need representatives for this meeting. This is a very important requirement for our org's recognition.

5. I would like to remind Nina, Sigrid and Marlon regarding the Gender Sensitivity Training on Wednesday, 23 June, 8am. Please be there before 8am. We should show the rest of the orgs that Jambangan is one of the punctual orgs in UP. And yeah, we still need one more officer to go with us and attend the said training. Again, this is a very important requirement for our organization to be recognized. If you would want to attend but you have classes, let me know. I will make an excuse letter for you (signed by me and our adviser, Ma'am Marot).

6. Our Regular General Assembly is scheduled on Friday, 25 June at the International Center conference room. As of posting time, it will push through. All members are required to attend the GA. Otherwise, you will have to pay the absent/late fine of P10. Also, please prepare the P20 which will serve as our monthly membership fee. I hope that we will not give our VP for Finance, Sigrid, a headache in collecting these funds for our org.

7. It is not too late if you still have friends who are interested in joining UP Jambangan. Just tell them to contact me so that I may include them in the roster.

Thank you very much, guys. I know that this will be a very fruitful academic year for everyone of us. Paglingkuran ang sambayanan!


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